My role...

Client's requirements envisioned a comprehensive overhaul of its website to reflect its commitment to revolutionizing expense management for businesses across Africa. The primary objective was to create a platform that not only showcased Sava's cutting-edge financial solutions but also highlighted client success stories. The client desired an emphasis on key offerings such as spend management, corporate cards, and seamless accounting integration. The overarching goal was to present Sava as a tech-forward entity dedicated to simplifying financial processes.
In the Figma design phase, a meticulous approach was taken to ensure a clean and intuitive interface. The focus was on user journeys, emphasizing effortless interactions. The design prominently featured key features like unlimited corporate cards, swift accounting reconciliation, and seamless expense tracking. The color scheme and visual elements were chosen to convey Sava's commitment to simplicity and innovation. The design aimed to create a visual narrative that not only explained Sava's technological prowess but also showcased the user-friendly aspects of its financial solutions.
During the Webflow development, the emphasis was on translating the Figma design into a seamlessly functional website. A mobile-first approach was adopted to ensure optimal performance across diverse devices. The 'Upload Receipt' feature and seamless accounting integrations were implemented to enhance the user experience. Development also included aligning the website with enterprise security standards, ensuring data privacy and protection. The website, once developed, effectively communicated Sava's dedication to efficiency, innovation, and financial empowerment for businesses.

Challenges faced :

The primary challenge in development revolved around integrating cutting-edge technologies to achieve 6x faster account reconciliation. This demanded meticulous coding and a deep understanding of financial technology. Ensuring seamless data synchronization and intelligent software classification were crucial aspects that required careful implementation. Aligning the website with enterprise security standards posed an additional complexity, necessitating a thorough evaluation of data protection measures. Despite these challenges, the development team successfully overcame each obstacle, resulting in a website that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations.

Key Features highlighted:

  • 6x Faster Account Reconciliation: The website introduced a revolutionary feature, providing businesses with a substantial acceleration in account reconciliation speed.
  • Unlimited Corporate Cards: Sava's financial solution now offered businesses unlimited corporate cards, providing total control over expenditures and eliminating the need for shared OTPs or extensive expense reports.
  • Seamless Integration: Instant data synchronization and intelligent software classification were seamlessly integrated, providing businesses with effortless accounting processes.
  • Effortless Receipt Capture: The 'Upload Receipt' feature simplified the hassle of matching receipts to transactions, offering a user-friendly and efficient expense management solution. This, coupled with receipt analysis, further streamlined the accounting process.