My role...

Client's requirements
The client aimed to establish an online presence for Plantible Foods, a biology-focused company dedicated to harnessing the nutritional power of plants for the betterment of people and the planet. The goal was to convey a compelling narrative around sustainable food production, beginning with plant-based protein.
In the design phase, the focus was on creating a visually appealing and informative platform. The design emphasized Plantible Foods' commitment to sustainable practices and showcased their flagship product, Rubi Protein™. Clear storytelling elements were integrated to communicate the company's mission and the unique features of their products.
During the development on, I translated the design into a dynamic website that seamlessly blended aesthetic appeal with functionality. The site featured in-depth information on Lemna, Rubi Protein™, and the sustainable farming methods employed. Interactive sections were integrated to enhance user engagement and understanding.

Key Features :

  • Visually appealing design highlighting sustainable practices.
  • Comprehensive information on Lemna, Rubi Protein™, and farming methods.
  • Interactive elements enhancing user engagement.
  • Clear storytelling to communicate the company's mission effectively.

Results :

The completed website successfully portrayed Plantible Foods as a pioneering biology company with a commitment to sustainable and nutritious food solutions. Users visiting the site gained insights into the innovative processes behind Rubi Protein™ and the positive environmental impact of Lemna farming. The platform effectively communicated Plantible Foods' mission and products to a wider audience.