My role...

Client's requirements
The client sought to create a website offering over 150 CV templates and professional writing tips to help users craft effective resumes. The goal was to provide diverse templates suitable for all professions and industries, allowing users to personalize their chosen CVs according to their experiences.
In the design phase, I focused on creating a user-friendly and informative platform. The design aimed to showcase more than 150 different CV templates, combining them with clear guidelines. The website needed to be easily navigable and trustworthy, emphasizing templates recommended by experts.
During the Webflow development process, I implemented a versatile user experience where each CV category had its dedicated representation. I integrated interactive forms that simplified questions about courses and provided personalized assistance. Harmoniously combining design and functionality was crucial for success.

Key Features :

  • Emphasis on simple navigation and highlighting over 150 CV templates.
  • Interactive forms for quick questions and personalization.
  • Showcasing CV templates recommended by experts.
  • High-quality writing tips and guides for CV creation.

Results :

The completed website met the client's expectations, providing users with easy access to diverse CVs and professional tips. This platform enabled users to quickly and easily find a suitable CV template and compose an effective resume to stand out from other candidates.