My role...

Client's requirements
In response to the client's educational venture aspirations, the primary goal was to create an expansive learning platform hosted on The client sought a user-centric interface that offered personalized consultation services and a comprehensive syllabus spanning various startup management aspects.
Embarking on the design journey, I conceptualized an interface that seamlessly blended aesthetics with functionality. The design aimed at providing an engaging user experience, prominently featuring course offerings, and establishing trust through expert testimonials. The layout prioritized ease of navigation to cater to a diverse audience.
Leveraging the versatility of Webflow, I translated the design into a dynamic, responsive website. The development process included implementing a design that adapts gracefully to diverse screen sizes. Each course category received a dedicated section, enriched with multimedia elements for an immersive and interactive learning environment. Interactive forms facilitated course inquiries, enhancing user engagement.

Key Features highlighted :

  • A visually captivating design with strategically placed CTAs.
  • A responsive layout ensuring optimal user experience across devices.
  • Course-specific sections with in-depth descriptions and multimedia integration.
  • Interactive forms for streamlined inquiries and personalized assistance.
  • Integration of testimonials to establish credibility and trust.

Results :

The final website, accessible at, successfully realized the client's vision. It provided a comprehensive platform for users to explore, select, and enroll in a variety of courses. The harmonious combination of an engaging design and functional features contributed to an overall positive and fruitful user experience.